A program designed to inspire and delight.

Student-centred Approach

We put our students at the heart of everything we do.

Our talented team and custom-made program nurtures creativity, encourages uniqueness, and praises problem-solving.

Students won’t just be taking the stage. They’ll have a say in the creative and artistic direction of the production and watch with excitement as their ideas become reality.

At Drama Club, we make sure our scripts are even and fair.  We understand that a sense of belonging and feeling of being an integral part of the team is at the heart of each performer’s success!  Our scripts are adapted from well-loved stories and carefully crafted to suit each and every student in our cast.


Performance-focussed Curriculum

We know the power and pull of performing on stage, so within each term, students are guided through four customised and carefully developed stages, that culminate in a dynamic and memorable performance.


The rehearsal to performance process runs over a school term with performances at the end of each term in class.


At the start of each term, students begin a journey of discovery as they deep-dive into the themes and characters of our musical. Kids will play, laugh, and imagine their way through each lesson as they get familiar with the characters and story they’ll be bringing to life on stage.


But more importantly, are the self-discoveries that are made as children explore new ways of interacting and build connections with a group of like-minded people.


With a solid grasp on the story and its characters and a strong connection forged between our cast, it’s time to get started putting together our musical. Let rehearsals begin!


We learn our whole cast routines first, so expect lots of singing, dancing, acting and a whole lot of silliness! Casting for roles also begins, and teachers carefully craft our script so that each student has a part that suits them to a tee. 


It’s time to get arty and crafty. Drama Club kids bring their ideas to life as they create sets, props and costume pieces that will feature in the end of term production.


Collaboration is at the heart of our program because we know the key to each performer’s growth and success on stage starts with the freedom to make creative choices in the rehearsal room. Drama Club kids are proud of their show, and take to the stage with a sense of ownership.


In the final and most exciting stage, Drama Club kids polish up their performances and get production-ready.

The thrill and energy of performing on stage cannot be topped, and it creates bonds between performers that can last a lifetime.This is where the magic happens. This is where we lock what we’ve learned.

This is why Drama Club kids keep coming back, term after term, show after show.

Ready to be a part of your first show?