A creative outlet for your energetic child.

Say hello to a different kind of after school activity.

At Drama Club, we’ve done away with expensive fees, complex timetables, extra rehearsals, and parent handbooks. Kids’ drama activities are meant to be fun. We’ve stripped back everything complicated, and left only the good stuff!

At Drama Club, you’ll find kids with spark, spirit, and a passion for performing, as well as a team of talented and professional teachers who know how to bring out the best in every child.

So, go on, take a peek inside and see what’s possible for your little performer.

Once a week

Every part of the program happens in class, from casting to dress rehearsal, from line learning to costume making. Even the term 2 show itself happens in our (transformed) learning space. At the end of the year we ramp it up a little to perform in our Spring Hill theatre.

Simple fees

There is one word that describes our fee structure – EASY!

All-inclusive, convenient payments ensure you can relax and focus on your child’s many other extra curricular activities.

Minimal emails

We’ll email you in the holidays and once during the term. That’s it. We might also email you if your credit card expires or if we find a great cat meme.

Text Us

0467 775 831

Running late? Text us.

Left a shoe behind? Text us!

Quick question? Text us!

We’ll get back to you quick smart.

See what’s possible for your little performer