For the kid who loves to perform.

Drama Club provides primary school kids with a one-stop performing arts shop!


Drama Club kids don’t go to lessons. They rehearse. From the very first day, our sessions are focussed on a clear goal – performing in a musical at the end of each semester. Our kids are involved in all aspects of the production – from learning lines to creating characters, from choreography to costumes – if kids can imagine it, we’ll help them bring it to life on stage.

Our teachers are drama and musical theatre experts with a wealth of experience, but perhaps more importantly, at the centre of our teachers’ skill set is their ability to mentor and nurture young performers.  Our teachers know that fantastic performers are vulnerable, thoughtful, articulate, and empathetic and take the time to develop these qualities in their students.

Acting & Drama

Explore texts, characters and how to bring them to life on stage.

Musical Theatre

Sing and dance on stage with no experience necessary.

Art & Craft

Imagine, build and create sets, costume and props.


Put it all together in a simple show that keeps kids coming again and again.

Be who you want to be at Drama Club